Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"


i dont see the point in this movie so its a 5 for me

It was great

It was great overall

Good: Music was perfect, Artwork couild have been olished a little more, but it was good. Scenary was nice, lighting and shadowing was good. Good sunlight effects. Great angles, (when the camera pans around the satelite from above)/

Bad: In the bagining of the flash, when the sun comes up, you see clouds with beams of lights, when you look at them from the top, you see a bad cut. I mean, it could use more work, like make it look like the beams of red light are coming from the other side of the cloud to the inside, not OVER the cloud..

Concept was nice, although I have no Idea what the storyline is about.

Nice animations. Nice and relaxing.

Remember, "The best quality is Originality" -Kevin Suarez AKA Kevinyankee2 AKA Loverdude1 AKA Keyvansalos AKA ThePainless.

my warm blessings.....

gooood daaaaaaaaaaamn it maaaaaaaaaaan, it's fantastic! ! !

Great! but different

I like this amd its different its great!

ok then . . . . . .

i normally like stuff like that but somthing about that just really didint hit me so id give a 4/10 of story thing and a 7/10 for animation and evrything else that i cant think of because cause im tired so 9/10