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Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"


to make something like this in a week is spectacular, you have a great way of making things look 3d when they arent, very nice. <3

I liked it

I like your style of animation, especially the way you make things look 3d and the camera angles you use


Como alegra a uno el talento que existe en México.
Felicidades, excelente animación. Sigue así.


... well, it was fantastic, really, but somehow not as good as your previous works, for a very simple reason (which I'll get to). But allow me to do more of an detailed analyses:

- The overall animation and drawing quality were very, very good. Actually, scratch that, it was amazingly good. Some of the images that you create, specially regarding the sun rise / fall and landscapes, are nothing short of breathtaking. Really evocative stuff, with great use of colours (i.e., the contrast you create between black and other colours is wonderful) in a semi-monocromatic way. Overall, just amazing, really.

The animation, on the other hand, was more of mixed bag. Some animations, such as the 3-D rotation, the shadows, the 'opening of the sky', were excelent stuff that show just how good you are with both motion and shape tweens (not that I ever had any doubts about that, Future uses both in amazing ways).

However, the FPF stuff was sometimes a little rough. I mean, some of the FPF was excelent (the walking up the stairs, in particular, was just about perfect), but the detailed, close-up FPF (the faces animation, for example) was a little awkward, because they simply didn't look as good as the rest of the movie.

- The music was pretty much perfect for the movie, even if a bit 'grating' the first time you hear it. But it fits the mood perfectly and the flow of the movie was excelently coordinated with the music. Again, it's all very evocative and interesting (and diferent!) and just amazing.

And I guess that pretty covers everything, since I can't really comment on much else. So, in short, this is a amazing movie that's very evocative and well made and polished, but lacking slightly on the animation of a few things.

I have to say, after seeing your movies, I can't help but feel that you have a natural talent for this sort of thing. I can imagine you becoming a famous artist in a few years from now, easyly. Kudos for all yuor great stuff!


great graphics. i understand the story perfectly, im almost in same situation; i need a friend.