Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"


The artwork in this flash is amazing! Nicely done!!


I liked it alot....for some reason i cant really elaborate on it more than that...i just...really enjoyed it you know. Nicely done.

it felt like a dream

The music really did the job great flash.

very nice =)

good animation...
and i like that the colors are monochromatic... =)

Have you considered doing this for a living?

Maybe don't quit your day job right away, but seriously, look into it. Just show it to somebody and say "By the way, I did that in a week. By myself." When I read the description I was expecting a quality of much lower calibur. Low expectations+Amazing talent=Blown away a little bit. The red-black contrast you had was done well. A lot of people tend to focus too heavily on the black, making it harder on the eyes, but you've just about got it.
By the way; did you win that contest? If you didn't, someone needs to be slapped.