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Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"


well if there is somehting this flash stands out for is the excelent use of light sources, I had never seen so much good and accurate use of them.

nice fbf. you are better than what you think you are.

you should have won the monthly prize here on ng.

Poetic in style

In its surreality and brevity there was profound complexity, here is this being trying to make his way to the stars, but he doesn't torture himself over his quest. I feel that this movie seems to inspire a feeling of obsession without insanity. That we can hope to achieve a great deal from our modest lives without ruining ourselves.

Or maybe this guy is already insane as is wandering the void of his shredded mind.

The tranquil tone of this movie seems to point towards a feeling of the self, so I can only assume that this is an introspective journey of this person. That in their own consciousness they feel lost, but they haven't lost their feeling or purpose.

Either way you slice it, this movie is really good. Normally this sort of thing makes me depressed, but it was that smile at the end that saved the movie for me.

Excellent job.

Celarent responds:

It's always inspiring when people interpret my animations like this.
I like to leave stuff minimalistic and unexplained, even if the story is simple.
This one was based mostly on scenes from my dreams, with my personal feelings as the 'story'.

Thanks for the review/insight!

Powerful is in fact the best word to describe this

Fantastic effects and perfect music!


the art was really striking, i like a lot of the contrasts in color you used and the way they changed throughout the flash. the music was really perfect and totally captured the ambient mood you were going for. REALLY nice effects, a lot of techniques i havent seen used before. overall fantastic work, make more


That was awesome!!!