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Reviews for "Just a Pilot- Short1"

Thats perfect.

My god man that was really good. Nice animation.


where did you get this idea its stu....stu......stuuuuuu.....PINDOUS

Alienslushie responds:

I wish I did think of the idea... it really happened...


After that, i was totally tripping balls. Some parts in seemed like the sound just cut out.

Alienslushie responds:

Get off the internet Michael


Much better improvement on frame rate and sound quality
10 stars on everything
the load screen was entertaining and the actual episode was priceless
i felt like i was on a acid trip

^.^b all my 5 are belong to this

Alienslushie responds:

Wow... thanks...I glad you noticed!


Your sound quality is about 21654415x better now, still not the best, but at least I am 100% sure what your saying now =P.

Anyway I was pretty pleased to wake up and see this!