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Reviews for "Just a Pilot- Short1"

Better than... Mr. Good O_o!

Lol xD Fucking awesome!

"I love to pop them, one by one..."

awesome ^^

I really liked it! I loved the characters in the loading bar. It made it so much more fun while the animation was loading. It was bright, colourful and really funny. It just goes to show what happens when young boys have WAY too much caffeine.

Alienslushie responds:

Dein thanken dankerdein you und burg.... vas gut luck!


Obviously limited, but the ideas are interesting and I'm curious to see where you go with them in the future.

liked were this is going

I liked how you stuck to the art style you used on the characters as well as the background and other things. It feels quite noir-esque but not yknow? cartoony without the noir melodrama haha. PLUS you get big ups for the Rage against the machine as the credits music

Alienslushie responds:

Thanks, it was my freinds playing...

I thought

It was a bit boring at first, but the rain popping was so ingenious i spat my drink all over myself.