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Reviews for "Just a Pilot- Short1"

StickmanFire's review:

Cool, a pretty good flash.
It's good that you have chose black and white instead of colour.
It was a cool short, I like shorts quite a lot.
This one however was one of the best ones.
But I know it was a short but you could of made it a bit longer.
Just a bit, then I'd be giving the nines and the tens.
That will be what you should aim for.

Yours sincerely


It was entertaining, the animation was really smooth, and the sound quality was great!

Excellent work!


The voices are off . It ruined the whole experience.

Alienslushie responds:

Try changing the quality of the video...

Haha okay the rain drop thing was epic.

First off I would like to comment you on the mere fact that you can actually make mouths move with respect to what the characters are saying. That alone makes you an excellent flash animator in my book. That being said the whole thing was epic and got me chortelling more than a couple times. The only thing I would improve upon off the top of my head is that rainbow background of yours. It seems to be tiled in some way I think it would be better if you either expanded a single tile or created a new on entirely. That being said keep up the good work bud.

Alienslushie responds:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I noticed that myself but decided to leave it because it looked disco-ish.... but I get your point....

This animation is a riot!

I absolutely love this Flash! You did an excellent job with the voices and animation, and I really did not pereive any problems with the frame rate. An especially nice touch was how you slowed everything down when they were hopped up on caffeine. Very funny. Keep up the excellent work!