Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"

Didnt Really Like it that much,,,,,

the Voice doesnt go well with the Image,,, The Jokes were not that good,,, pretty weak,, but keep trying , dont give up,,

erm...not he best

The first one wasn't so bad, the second one was just horrible. If that second one wasn't there, it would have been better

Such charm!

That was super neat. I totally dug it, it was so "Death of a Salesman" which made it depressingly comedic.

lol. . . that was . . . strange

wow. i didn't really catch on to what the point was until i had already watched 'screen door'. Now that i undrstand the extremely dry sense of humor that these cartoons spring from, i think they're fucking awesome. i did something kind of like this involving potatoes but i won't discuss it for fear of losing my account.

Screendoor was my favorite

The giant fly was a unexpected surprise!