Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"

crappy ,but exceptable

stick figures are easy,
and the voices weren't onthe same page of the mouths,
but some how exceptable...

_ Sef

completely fantastic.

the first one didn't really make alot of sense.
although there was a moment where i chuckled under my breath a little.
the second one was my favorite.
for some reason, the woman's voice reminded me of monty python.
and hiding the scissors by a tree is completely something that i would do.
because it is fun.

it sucked really really bad

it was way 2 short and the sound was horibble their mouth moved then 5 seconds later the would say sumpin but only in the 2nd 1 so i give it a 2

Very, very good.

It's got a British sort of deadpan humor, like Monty Python or Shaun Of The Dead... So naturally I love it. I'm going to look at all the rest now.

Keep up the good work!

Great ideas = great comedy.

I really like the style of this movie because it's unique. It's not too loud and it's not all out there and flashy. Needs a little work on the humor front, though. I mean, it IS funny but I love sketches that have lots of comical material and oppurtunities.