Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"


I liked the screen door episode. It seemed like it had potential but it was way too short. I know these are "shorts" but I think you were onto something with that episode. There was also an inexplainable eerie mood to the first one as well. Not bad...

-A pretty good movie, a Newgrounds Portal Classic.

A pretty good movie, a Newgrounds Portal Classic. The second movie, 'scissors', had some lip-synching problems towards the end, but I thought that the graphics and sound were rpetty good in both of them. Kind of a strange movie, as the last reviewer said, but still awesome.

Overall, awesome, a Newgrounds Portal Classic.

~ Z


this is a strange video


Ok. I have to agree with that last guy who reviewed. WTF is up with the mouths and stuff? That needs work. I wasn't able to watch it all. Where it was eating that guy, the moster thing, I quit. I couldn't tell what on earth that guy was doing, and if it was supposed to be funny that he didn't really react, it could have been showed a little better. Hopefully the other B&W thingies are better.

not well made

u prolly didnt put much time in2 this at all. the lips were soooo of its not even funny. 1 of 5 man ill whach the rest of 'em myb theyll b btr