Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"


You did a great job with this. I like the last fight the best. Keep up the great work.

very neat

i like it

i dont understand

i read a few reviews and it seems like a good game but i cant get it to work at the start it says begin your new adventure or something like that i cant control the character or go through the text by pressing space, what am i doing wrong? i already clicked a couple of times on the screen but nothing happened, could someone tell me what to do, either way this game seems pretty decent with cool graphics so I'll give it a 8. :)


I just like.... bypassed 60% of the game?
When you get the outside chest key and you give the guard the apple and get the flour etc....well if you go all the way right past the place with the waterfall you can just go into the tower by the door that says "Something to do with evil arcane archwizard magic crap" :D....and finish the game! .........

this always happens in games like this

i have the northern and eastern key pieces but i cant find te third and i cant get the mage's door open, i also cant find the handle for in the room where the prison guard is.....HELP please!