Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"

9 out of 10 due to a glitch

in the tower (on the first floor (after the ground floor)) if u jump to the right wile u pass to another screen (second floor) ul walk trough the wall and go into the tower without even gathering the keys !!! this can be really useful or really anoying for ppl who like the game to make sense when i first did it i was like wtf evil wizard that makes no sense ...


Love the story.

One problem. WSAD and Ctrl... You know what Ctrl-W does don't you. If not try it right now...

Welcome back ;-)

i think i found a glitch

well.. i got to the part where you open the door on the east castle, climbed up and fought the wizard for the first time. after he was done, i kept climbing up and then eventually after a while, faced him for the final battle. i skipped all the alligator, gun dude, ghost. all that stuff. meh, oh well.

good game still

last stage is hard

I hate the eye thing, because i've been playing this game to the last boss battle and every time I move across it fashes my eye it blinds!! the game is very challenging and I liked the style of the game, there are many things in this game, but they are useless. when I got to the last boss I think its very easy overall I've done. My only problem is the last stage is too hard for me to figure out how to kill him, I only know the electric wire thing, but he tricked me, LOL, hard!.
but overall i enjoyed it except the flashing eye.
nice game.!


O, great game! I remember old game with name "Dizzy" :)