Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"


I haven't finished yet but so far I enjoy it. However, sometimes the controls go wonky and every time you use the arrow key next to an object that you can investigate it goes through the dialog and the only way to make it go away is to die.

its ok

its ok its fun but i got up to the ghost and coudnt kill it cuase i had no cross and i couldnt find it


I haven't read the other reviews, so I'll just assume someone else complained about the blatant rip off of 'The Matrix'. The humor was good. The music was fine. The story was preachy for a game that took all but 7 minutes to beat. I expected more from a game that was nominated to 2nd place. I guess game entries were slow that day.

Good game..annoying message

The game was fun. Engaging, secret of monkey islandesque etc. That part was well put together. But the dialogs. Look I get it, you have a message. But it was preachy, and it seemed overly existential and pretentious for a video game. OOOh they are controlling us. For that type of game the twist didn't seem to fit and was annoying when it kept going on during game play. I felt like instead of a game, suddenly I was in the matrix or a sermon. Like the title says game was great, I loved that but the message...annoying and misplaced. Just my opinion though, it looks like some others got something out of it.

Good, dude!

Awesome, lol.