Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"

good game

but there is a glitch. after i gave the guy the apple i went straight to the wizard. didn make much sense till i played it again.


all though it wasn't as hard as i expected... it was great!! the ending dialoge was thick and clever...a bit too much "in your face" (cuz it was a lot, and interrupting) but the game freacking ruled!! great game sir!!

Cool game

cool game, but it was too easy... still fun though

@stroyer1: Ctrl+w does close the window/tab, but if your focussed on the Flash animation then it shouldn't close your window. Also, arrow keys and space is the best keyboard config imo

@Anti-U: I don't think there is a glitch... after you beat the boss for the first time it goes through an animation sequence showing what you've done so far...

I dont know how to beat the guy in the hood.

Can someone tell me what to do when you electrify that dude in the hood on top of the castle.

Overal gd but could have been longer and/or harder

it was really good but the only things are is that it ended the 1st time i played it and it was a bit easy but it was really good