Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

This Pwns!

A perfect theme for a perfect killer. Good job


This is great.

omg now i know how he turns into....

Black Ace!
Dude your good with storytelling.

I know this is an older flash but...

this flash is just amazing, I will probably start reading the comics so I can not only appreciate the action scenes in these but so I can appreciate the story as well, as you have hooked my interest on this. I will more then likely check it out.

Thanks for making these! I've yet to watch anything you've made that I haven't liked.

I love not only the animation of the characters, but the music, voice acting (which was awesome too) as well as even how the backgrounds were made. I can imagine these must be almost a nightmare to make after a while. So I would, once again, like to happily thank you for making these.!

when will you?

When will you make a catch up comic for this flash and as far as i can see, u only made a comic version of part 2.....