Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


flash in its true form!

omg an anime not from japan LOL

woah... i cant believe thats flash... this actually has the potential to be an anime an adult swim, season one through 2 or three-the first 56 fights, the next season-the final eight... im not kiding this has a lot of potential to be a good anime series it has everything action, comedy, and (with a little work) an AWESOME story. 5/5!!!!! 10/10!!!


cant wait for part 2 damn im anxious for it now lol man o steal reminds me of a sortof medival megaman wit a bit of some dragonball Z supersayen but none the less kick ass

a true wizard knows when to save his ass!

from spoiler's demented side.


"Ice-Lance" part was great! Man this just gets better n better.