Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Holy Crap!

Look likes ace is back in action. U did a good job showing his return however i dont know the beggining is this or anything. I watched EFN as well and seen Black ace own ppl. Plus with the cell song happening it could make anyone shit in their pants. U show comedy in a way as violence, and horror i think in your episodes. Good Luck with your flash submissions!

can you?

can you make more?

Great work, but...

Okay, I would give this a ten, it is worthy of it, HOWEVER!! I really do not like being dropped in the middle of something, and you only have the previous round up and I've seen all of EFN so far, I'll go back and rate that as I have just registered. If you decide to make the previous episodes, or can tell me where I can find them, I'll be happier with you. But on a good note: Very well animated, the voice work is good, And I eagerly await the next thing you throw out onto Newgrounds, keep up the good work.

prt 2

This needs it, that is one cliffhanger you cant just leave off on.

He Has Risen

I always wondered after watching the EFN toons how Black Ace got his start. Now I know. The animation was very well put together and Cyril's humor is awesome, "You don't see me prancin' about spamming Ice Lance do you?" Funniest line. Great work.