Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

the part 2 is a comic in EFN episode 1:lies exactly

Love all your stuff. Better than the crap you see on TV too.

As for part 2, there is. It's a comic on his Deviant Art. EFN, though, I think he stopped at part 3. I keep hearing that he lost, and as much as I try to find out, I really dont understand the whole tournament things.

Well earned 5 stars.

Cool videos

I very much enjoy cliff hangers

I hope...

You will finish all of your series. Please, this is really annoying... And you did really good videos... So please stop that..

annoyd as f****k

dude stop leving things unfinisht pleas it is so annoying. im trying not to sound pissiy but pleas make the second part of this cuz you are a great animator and i whant to see more of your work. it whas still friken awsome tho.