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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 3"

Button colection.

This game was awesome, but Tom Fulp should make a collection of button games i have a few entries...

King of buttons 1
King of buttons 2
King of buttons 3

Anybody have more?


ive played all 3 XD


The 12th level is a level in Simon Hason's "Tactical Assasin."


heres my walkthrough of the game
1.simply click on the button in front of you
2.roll down the scroll by dragging the bottom of it and click on the red circle
3.light the 2 fireplaces the door will open and there is the button click it
4.insert quarter, turn handle, open slot and click button in it
5.light firework and quickly click button in sky
6.click power button, click lightning bolt, take picture, click button on screen
7.click timer, type 0:10, and click on flame, wait 10 sec., open, click button
8.take cork off, pour bottle, click on button in glass
9.put egg in holder, turn on the heat lamp with yellow button, click on small red dot on egg after a few seconds
10.put balloon on helium tank, pop with dart, click on button
11.right click and go over to button
12.shoot guy in stomach, click bloodstain on paper
13.open box, connect the red wire, click on red lamp
14.click cocunut, drag rock on it, remove top, click button inside
15.cut on the dotted line, remove with tweasers, click button
16.drag cloud left, drag sun left, click on button that grows on vine
17.click on wings, click button
18.drag conducting stick, in a "U" formation, after a while a red note will appear click the button on it
19.remove thumbtack on poster, go in hole, click on second pair of red eyes at top
20.move tray under microscope, go to eyehole, click on bottom slot until focus, click button
21.click on two switches on side, click switch above lock, inside is button
22.pour beakers in container from right to left, click button
23.drop the furthest egg from the cliff, click button
24.turn down ac, wait, click button
25.drag base over, the led, click led piece when in place, drag glass, then outline click red circle
26.follow the lines in game, then click button
27.grab snow cone holder, open, scoop up some ice, put under rasberry coloring
click beaker 2 times, click on snowcone
28.drag recipe over, put in flour, butter, eggs, red coloring, click button
29.open bay doors, click, alert the military, click on button that falls
30.don't move the mouse, after a short moment, button will move under your mouse, and click

and thats all there is to it


ok, its official, this game is WAY better than the 1st and 2nd