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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 3"

very cool

How do you beat limitive thinking though?


this game is mint, you should make another


My GOD. I didn't think there would even BE a ButtonHunt 3!


I thought this was a very good game, very intuitive, I enjoyed it a lot. Well, I like all your button hunt games. Button Hunt 4 ? ? ? Please? ? ?

Original game idea.

263 seconds, 105 clicks (minimum number I think) my other time is 194 seconds, 120 clicks, never used any hints. I've got all the medals except two. I'm guessing there easter eggs in the levels even though I went through and couldn't find any, or I have to get something like under 200 seconds with 105 clicks. nice work, I've got the breast cancer, Synchronized Penguin dance, concept art, patient thinking (ie. racist jokes) and the clock medal, the swift medal and the scope medal, if anyone knows where the other two are (the second to the right on the bottom and the third to the right on the bottom) then pm me.