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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 3"

A funny game

I like this game.
It's a pretty interesting concept.
Plus I like the extras especially the concept art.
And the support of breast cancer foundation.
So great game looking forward to more.

I like it

I love this game.
If anyone wonders.
To complete:
First boss - Right click in the right square then left click the button.
Second boss - Open both locks on side then click the thing the big lock is on.
Third boss - Drag the mouse all the way to the side of the window.


i complete it at 110 sec.

Very nice

Fantastic for a find game. For those who are wondering, the minimum number of clicks it takes to finish the game is 104, and I haven't been able to finish in less than 170 seconds. Does anyone know the actual click requirement for the Accuracy achievement?

very nice

the best "find" game ever. how to beat limitive thinking: right-click the white square (the one whitout the button) and then left-click the button twice.