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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 3"


I LOVED "THE BUTTON IS A LIE!" Its a refrence to Portal and "The cake is a lie" xD

also, i think u put alotta work into the actionscripting and challenges, u couldhave done better on the graphic, but over all i liked it xD


I don't like the gamplay or the graphics. Even I can make better graphics. About the gameplay, you have to move some useless things to reveal a red dot and click it. Unique? Yes! entertaining? No!

Too short

I liked the concept, but it should be longer.


276 seconds 122clicks

loved it!

Deserves a well earned 10/10! Im gonna tell you how to do all 3 bosses
1) Right click on the left square then left click on the button.
2) Click the switches at the side then the middle one. (ignore the padlock it has nothing to do with the box)
3) Dont move or click the mouse for a while and the button will move under the arrow!

One last thing; you know the level where you have to conduct the music sheets read, ode to a red button, or something similiar.