Reviews for "Androkids"

is it possible to die?????

honestly i just ignored the enemies and spikes, played like they weren't there and half the time got through it with full health, half the levels dont have any traps at all so as far as i can see, this is a game made for severely retarded 4 year olds.

the damage coin ration is completely off balanced this was a coin collection game period, you ran around collecting coins for 50 levels and then left through a door while some rat was about to rape a princess but fuck her right. i don't know what the story was if any at all because i muted my pc to shut that annoying fucking kids voice off. SERIOUSLY, did you realy think 50 levels of a kindergartner telling you over and over AND OVER to pick up the coins and head for the magic door was a good idea TUTORIAL LEVEL AND THEN THATS IT.

this game actualy made me mad for playing it, thinking something was going to happen but it never did, it was like playing mario kart without any drivers and the narrator from the teletubies kid telling me to go to the finish line

Hire a god damned level designer now or stop making games

holy crap, i just read the author comment, you can use bombs and jump? HA i wasnt even paying attention to what i was doing, i just kept holding up and switching directions till i won

fun game

the game was a lot like lode runner except for 1 exception, the ai were retards. the game was good. the only thing i can say needs improving is the ai. they should at least try to go after you or something, not just wander back and forth. anyways, really fun game. hope to see more like it.


this is a boring game, bombs, jumping, eh, boring.

50/51 levels of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY CRAP 50/51 LEVELS OF THIS! it got boring really fast even though i finished it and way to easy. try to add some difficulty like make bosses or harder obstacles and wat was the point of the so called level 51?

meh it was ok

it was way too easy I think you need to make it a little bit harder higher up the levels and that voice woohoo you got all coins go to the magical door made me want to hit something after the 5th time up