Reviews for "Androkids"


AnotherSomebody: Mistake. Kids are kinda..... dense. Gotta remember that the kids this game is aimed toward can't all read. Kids really don't mind that kinda stuff, either. It annoys us purely because, we're older and it's obvious to us.

Nice concept, interesting gameplay. 8/10


The gameplay and visuals were nearly there, but fuck the audio is absolutely annoying as hell. Seriously, even a little kid would get pissed off with the amount of condescending bullshit being fed to you throughout that game. Seriously, if you want to convey a message, just use text.

that voice is sexy

love the game
but could be alot better if there where more controls

cool game

haha i just made it to level 32 without knowing that there was a jump button, so to the guy below me the "fith" level wasn't "imposible" at all dude. anyway cool game a little to easy but nice to waste a few minutes

WooHoo! You got all the coins!

It was alright, the voices did get repetitive (especially the one telling you to go to the door)

Definitely playable, but incredibly easy and got old pretty quick.