Reviews for "Androkids"

Not bad...

In fact I liked it. This is a good game with a lot of heart put into it. I really liked the style you used. I was kind of upset that their was no real ending, just an abrupt game over screen. I only noticed one repeat level (30), but their could have been more. I only have one suggestion, games like this can really benefit from a grid based collision system. It makes it a lot easier to navigate and you don't get stuck on corners. Other than that it is a great game. Good work!

Only about a half bad.

Well this game in no Mario64 it sure isnt bad. Its playable. Its just that there is wayyyyyy better games on newgrounds than this. But I did like the style it was done in, I always think the "notebook" design is uber cute :3


the voice kept repeating itself and it also sounded like he said "chappele". so is he a big fan of chappeles show or something? think about that for awhile

It's a good game

I thought that the game was fun and an enjoyable one.
But the levels started to repeat themselves and the guards were stuck at odd places that they couldn't get out of. Also when I had to get past the guards, I jumped over one of them actually landing on top of it. Riding the guards!
Also, the mention of this queen is mentioned. So, I suggest there being a level where you have to actually save her. And I'm not sure if the game ends or not, but there are a whole lot of levels that I didn't want to go through. If the game does end, you might want to put up how many levels their are in your summary.
But I do like how the game felt and looked.
The voices were good. The animation was A+. The controls were pretty easy (although I kept hitting the space bar instead of the shift key at times...). And all in all it was a great game to spend time doing something fun.

it's fun ^^

i like the style ^^
just the voice acting could have needed more enthousiasm ^^
for the rest it was fun to play :d