Reviews for "Androkids"

For the people who are moaning...

I didnt like it either but then again it does say FOR CHILDREN so dont swear either.


it would be helpful if you could put 3 bombs down at once.

Great game

I say that the game is awesome.Yes i agree that it gets boring in while but still it actually ain't that bad.The sound effects are good and the old school drawing style is good to.And i really enjoyed the map creator,it is really easy to use and you can create awesome maps.


boring and not good what the hell did you think when you did this game
you've couldnt do anything it was really boring!!

Basic fun with a few holes

Well, it's nice to see destructive scenery in a flash game isn't it, although after I realised it was possible I was quickly disappointed by the fact that you could only destroy one block at a time before it respawned anyway. It would be nice to see a sequel with something like that ironed out. How about multiple bombs at once?

OK so I didn't play for very long and you may have a multiple bombs option later but I was still very impressed with the level of technical skill involved in creating this game.

Also as others have mentioned, the repeated 'you've collected all the coins, get to the magical door' does get annoying even after only a few levels. And if you'll notice (may have been a glitch my end) that the audio instructions always seem to be for the level after the one you're trying to play. I was told to avoid the red spikes and grab the vine... neither could be seen but then on the next level, sure enough, there they were but now i was being told to break through the floor.

I'll give you a 6 because this game is good simple fun and I'd like to see a sequel with improvements, however this game is not without it's problems.

I hope you can take something away from what I've said and use it in the future.

6/10 - 3/5