Reviews for "~|| I Wanna Fly..."


This is a great peaceful song, I don't understand alot about mixing but I think the "flute" part was great! Althought great song. ~I just wanna fly~

Someone with your awesomeness probably could fly

Its awesome it starts with a dreamy feel then gets a good, smooth beat with a great flow, and nice job getting on front page =D

holy shit!

I love this and you. totally beautiful, serene, and mixed with a smooth beat for a very feel-good effect. <3

Raise your head!

Look into the sky cause you're soaring over everyone zero bombed or not you're in the top for the week this week congrats and soar away man. I'm usually a hardass but you got the beat i've been looking for for months. Congrats to touch the hearts of a few hundred and keep up the work man. If you feel comfortable stay with it never faulter and aim for the skies man.



Man the piano work on this is amazing, melody is great, well done bro!
Keep doing your thing, you will get recognised soon I bet!

Good job!