Reviews for "~|| I Wanna Fly..."


Some people don't care if it's pop or mainstream, they only care if it's awesome. This song is awesome.

Amazing Song!

Great song. I think it is a calm and relaxing song and deserves more recognition. One question though. Would you ever allow anyone to use this song in a video as long they give credit to you? And permission of course.


This deserves a 5 more than that it deserves a fuckin award! damn im like this Respect brattah!

relaxing and inspiring at the same time

That's a very hard combination to pull off, but it's awesome when it works. (Side not: it's also why there's a risk of zero bombing. Zero bombers don't notice songs unless they become popular, so if you want to avoid getting zero bombed all you need to do is stop making good music (Side side note: Please don't actually stop making good music))

Nice dude!

I loved all the music!
Especially the piano from the beginning