Reviews for "~|| I Wanna Fly..."


Das Piano.........!!!!!!! Unfassbar genial Thomas,ich liebe dein Gefühl für Melodien und die dazu stets passende Zusammensetzung der Instrumente als auch verschiedener Melodien!
Perfekter Track!

Are you famous yet :P

Why can't ppl find you! I mean!
this aint ordinary!
i think your work is good enough to be in movies and games and stuff!
Keep it up! Hope the best for ya :)


really like it, always been a huge fan of your work.

10/10, 5/5

as always great but

The clapping is a bit much but nothing that makes me want to say that this is a bad song in the least. So you still get a 5/5 and a 9/10 from me

Perfect 10

Oh. My. GOD. Top notch producing producing quality you have going on here, and just outstanding musicianship. I love the tone clusters you have going on here and find myself just getting lost in the emotion of this track. The only thing I don't like, and it's just my personal taste, would be the clap. It sounds very FL Studio to me. I don't think it was made in FL though, this sounds way to good. It's just such a general clap, it doesn't do it justice. Maybe a touch of reverb on it to give it more depth would satisfy me. Listening to it again though, right where that buzzy pad comes in, I was just craving an orchestra string patch. For example in Reason 4, I would apply the "Rich Full Orchestra" patch to that exact same note structure and timing.

I would just love to have a midi of this and study exactly what you did hear, one producer to another. However I realize that is reaching a bit haha. Anyway keep up the outstanding work. I have been giving away 9's and 10's here, but you have made me see I have set my standards far to low.

Thank you!