Reviews for "~|| I Wanna Fly..."

Wow thx for the memories...

I remember hearing a similar sound before when i was younger but i cant remember what it was... but thx for remind me of its sound... i owe u much thx


Remember what i said about simple.. sometimes the best beat is "dumbed down" amazing instro.... but where is the verse....this is just one amazing chorus.... you da shit ...just some constructive crit from ya boi

the first part starts off with the bridge and then chorus comes in then the beat needs to drop it. simple it down for a verse to fit in then come back wit that chorus n i swear i'll make this a hit

bad ass

i cant tell you how good this is

Part of it is amazing!

The first minute of it almost made me cry. Really amazing. Though, I wish it was completed with the mood it started. The rest of it was not bad, but it can't be compared with the first part. Great job nonetheless.

And here I thought id never get into hip-hop...

While im not typically one for the hip-hop genre, this just blew me away. You've taken an entirely differrent route from what would be considered "traditional" hip-hop, and have a great piece to show for it. It's a superb culmination of a slower, more laid-back tempo, with a bit of techno mixed in, and a steady beat to tie it all together. Honestly, no surprise that this is one of the highest scoring submissions here. Many congradulations, and my heartfelt thanks for making this.

-Clock Assassin