Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

Who CARES!!!

so who cares if he got the idear from DK its still a freakin good game,loved it MAANN!!!! wooo MAKE MOREEEE


I dont mind that its based off the DK64 thing.. its a good platform reguardless.. if you amped up the graphics and fixed the goofy jetpack controlls itd be one solid game. kudos for the volume option.. i hate games without it.

oh and "i aint like the graphics"? good job 'moompahlah'..

Uhh ok sorta 7/10

I aint like the graphics + no noise i could hear or music.
keep tryin tho its ok


Nice game, but I remember this from Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo. so 4/5 and 8/10

you copied

this idea isn'T originaly yours, its from donkey kong at nintendo 64, i played it and there are sometime that kind of cannon game

but still this is a good game, a bit to hard but still great