Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


Simple, but fun and challenging at times. Only slight problem is the bug that was found as mentioned below. It's very frustrating, especially if you are struck by it in the higher levels. Otherwise, good submission.

Great Game

It's a really good game, reminds me of the cannon levels in Donkey Kong Country at some points. I did find a bug, however. If you die by being hit by a baddie and float into a jetpack, you will be stuck and cannot restart the level.

has some serious potential

You really need to sit down and make a sequel if you aren't already.

There are a few things that could really improve this game. More levels, different music loops, more unlockable things, and a decent ending (the ending in this game was pretty disappointing)

Thanks for a decent challenge, looking forward to the next game


Great!!!! i will keep playing until my thumbs hurt! bring the sequal soon

Done and done!

Yeah donkey kong! loves it! i must admit though the fact that there was unlockables kept me going without them i would have been bored. But now here I sit with the unlocked character so well done.