Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

nice and yo crazy

jyou crazy mon dis is awsome i couldnt stop playing till i beats it


fun game I got stuck at the level bombs are fun

Lots of fun

Had a blast playing this!

Weeeeee! Great job, Linday!

This game rocks super hard. It's challenging at times (assuming you want all the coins), but that's what I like about it. One issue: In Baddie City, apparently, if you're hit by a bomb (and go into red, flashing, I'm dead mode) and you still make it to the jetpack, the protagonist just spins in place at the spawn point of the jetpack.


Waaaaaah I luv you :3!! This reminds me alot of the Donkey Kong game on the Game Boy when 2d was hawt =/. Cba to get all the coins tho...
Aswell the waiting is sometime's extremly anoying and to bad the jetpack allways loses fuel :(. It was good tho, really good ^^.