Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


I like it, but it's kind of simple, then it gets too darn freakin hard!


Sweet. The only thing that needs fixing is if you die next to a jet pack (hit by a bomb in baddie city) then you'll continuassly roll while being red.
Oh yea, and the impossible lvl was supprisingly easy, it was a lot harder to get to it then to beat it. The eskimo is kinda pointless, too.

very nice, but with a glitch I found

I loved the game, but I found that if you get hit by a bomb on the Baddie City level and still manage to hit the jet pack, your man will just rotate in place forever and there's no way to start over. It's probably the same in other levels but that's where I encountered it.

Ho hum

Fun and addictive, but hard to judge WHERE the guy is going to shoot.


Simple, but fun and challenging at times. Only slight problem is the bug that was found as mentioned below. It's very frustrating, especially if you are struck by it in the higher levels. Otherwise, good submission.