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Reviews for "Sleepless Assassin"

A good Game

It was a pretty good game from what I played of it. I was in a hurry while playing and didn't get too far ((Level 3)) but it seemed like it was a great game.

The arrows were a little hard to use, of course that could just be me not being good with a mouse XP. I also liked the wall scaling, I thought it was quite a clever idea. However I think when climbing up you should let the player decide if they want to slowly climb up the corner onto the sturdy base, or the jump that you have it doing currently.

Also, you should have a different song for each level, because you know people are gonna be coming telling you that the music was good but gets annoying after a while, that's just a fact.

And to end on a good note, the graphics were fantastic, and you shouldn't change them at all.



I'm not made of the right stuff :(

Overall, the game is almost excellent. Your major detractors being the boring music and sharing climb and jump with a single button. I don't know how many times I jumped into a spike ceiling while I was just trying to get a better view of above me.

great game

this is a really good game it was perfect the graphics were very nice the save mode was a nice touch

Keep up the good work


o shit at lv 8 i need serious speed and notice of wats gonna happen O.o that freakin electric stuff is getting my ass woped :( nice game though it'sreal fair is there gonna be a part2 ????