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Reviews for "Sleepless Assassin"

Pretty good

Awesome game, but I think someone hacked the high scores. I doubt anybody could beat this game in 11 seconds.

Preh-T good

The climbing/jumping was AWESOME and the arrow mechanic was AWESOME. The game was great, but it had some weird issues.

1. WTF? you have to pick up coins in keep going?
The game should just make you sneak/ fight your way tot he end.

2. wtf is up with the weird floating walls?' And the castle is just big maze!

My suggestion would be to make a sequel where you actually ASSASINATE someone. Don't just run around cload city picking up coins. Also, the backrounds/levels should look more like real areas. (sneaking your way up a tower to assasinate so-and-so. Different objectives could be fun too. On one level you have to kill a specific person, next level you have to steal something unnoticed, then you have to spy on a conversation, etc.

Good game. hope you make a sequel

Have to see this!

Cool game. Funny, and it's true, the spikes looks like dicks. :/


An easy 5, at least I think so.. I think I am easy to please mostly when it comes to flash games.. XD

Pretty good.

Btw this game plays almost identically to Strider. Also, what's up with not getting any reward for getting all the stars? It makes it seem like all my hard work has gone to waste. Anyway, Great game!