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Reviews for "Sleepless Assassin"

Health/Control Problems

The game itself was really good and fairly easy to paly but my main concern is that even though you have a Health bar whenever you touch any spikes you instantly die but whenever you fall from a high ledge you don't take any damage. You might want to redo the damage from the spikes and make the health regen a little longer. Also firing arrows gets really hard when your getting attacked it would be alot easier if you didnt have to rely on trajectory and just have the mouse click fire the arrows and maybe find a way to add in a close combat weapon because firing arrows gets boring and repetitive. Other than that it was a good game


sence i cant get past lvl 5 ill give it 5/5! lol hard as HELL! but more fun than that!

Good game

Reminds me of Assassin's Creed. Great work here, I loved the achievement system (or stars) that was a great addition. Nice graphics, great gameplay, overall awesome game.


best game ever

this is a really really good game. its easy at the start but it does get harder


i wish they make medels for the sleepless knight series this has to be 1 of my fav series in the world and i see lots of inprovemnts keep up the good work and maybe add a upgradin system like in the other games i did enjoy tat

ps word on top is awesome and epic

if u add a rpg series of the sleeples knight tat would be awesome plz do