Reviews for "Doodle Defender"


Nice idea but it could be better.


that was an interesting addition to the flash portal however you lose one mark for the lack of in level power ups. if you do another one add more purchasable power ups and
in-level power ups


Game is Chill good graphs and no probs for me

eh... alright.

okay game. not very clear in many parts, and is hard to control ur ship. good concepts, n itf fun to draw ur own ship, but the controls need work

What happened to the instructions?

Where do you say anything about the shield? No where to make you shield you have to hold down the shift key by the way.
Apart from that the game was good but got a bit boring after a wile also could the be a explosion sound cos it feels a bit odd with out it. but still a good game.
God know how you made it.