Reviews for "Charlie the Unicorn 2"

Well, my answers are prayed for.

Finally, the sequel everyone was hoping for.

The animation has really gone up to the high point, which is always good.
The characters are yet again, hilarious and love the returning of the old characters.
The plot and story of it all was brilliant to say, and I kept laughing until the end.
It was intensively long, WHICH IS GOOD. I love watching long movies, it's really worth it.

Overall, there's nothing to improve on, you took your time on this and you got the rating you deserved.


OMG! Epic sequel

I didnt think it would be as good as the first, good old candy mountain one, but this was still really really good. Well, i loved it, i still dont really see why he stays freinds with the two other unicorns after they have stolen his kidney after the candy mountain incedent but hey.
Keep up the great work!


Man, I was not expecting the vortex coming out of Charlie's back, that was just hilarious!
The animation has really improved over the first movie, and the sound if phenomenal.
Humor was not short---I was laughing during the entire movie.

Absolutely spectacular work.


A second film is supposed to suck...
so wtf?


Completly random and that's what makes it brilliant! Can't wait to see more