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Reviews for "Charlie the Unicorn 2"


I loved it! This was way better than the first, and the first was still great. Mygawd...
It's a mix of randymoscity and music, along with a couple of insane unicorns, one (possibly stoner? XD) unicorn, and a whole shitload of awesome.



one of funniest things on newgrounds!

i laughed for so long at the last bit were the blue 1 popped out of the vortex and done the tounge thing hahahahaha. im not a fan of the first one but this is just fantastic!

bbbbbblllllloooooo banna king

hell ya


That was so amazing love the ending and the Z!!! The Z was awesome. Your flashes are original and unpredictable except the setting was very similar and plot was similar(kinda).