Reviews for "Charlie the Unicorn 2"

Dude xD

Rofl the spanish part was my fav xD


what!?! that waz too random to even make a comment abt it :P


... When i was looking at the front page of newgrounds and saw the title, i nearly gnawed my own arm off with excitement! You can hardly blame me... its been 3 years, i was not expecting this day.
My brother walked in, and i pointed at the screen, he said "it probably wont be that good"... well you sure showed him, he laughed harder than i did when he watched it!
I cannot believe that you made something as good as Charlie 1, actualy, i think this is better.


I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin'... But I think Unicorns are kick ass!

I got on Newgrounds just to say that the Banana In Your Ear song has changed my life. It has been my ringtone for the past 7 months, and I sing it all the time to cheer myself up. It has gotten me through some hard times, like the birth of my first child. CHARRRRLIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!!! A banana in my ear??