Reviews for "Charlie the Unicorn 2"


I didn't expect there for to be a sequel to Charlie The Unicorn at all. But anyways great job, It's hilarious. I see nothing wrong with this movie, therefore nothing to criticize about accept that its awesome. 10/10

What the heck?

It was funny, but it was pretty much the same as the first one, except with different things. The blue and pink one come, drag charlie to some mountain, and there's a song, then he gets back to his "home" and the blue and pink one stole something from him. Is this by the same people as the first one, because the unicorns have different voices.


A sequel that teaches the importance of shoes, amulets, and bananas.
"Put a banana in your ear!"

Put a bannana in your ear XD

Those 2 unicorns are so annoying :P
I liked th ending of the first one more " oh no they took my kidneys" do funny!
Anyway this one was as annoying as the first so a big 10 for you!


The best part was when charlie was gettin annoyed by the tounges