Reviews for "Another Day Eight"


Great job all around. The detail in the artwork was wonderful. The transitions were smooth. The story was great in its simplicity, reminded me of when I used to go camping. The music complimented everything very nicely. I really enjoy Joanna's music. And of course you're going to get a "gay" comment or two. This is new grounds. For some people if there isn't shit being eaten or someone being slapped in the face, it's not a quality animation. Don't sweat it. Keep up the good work.

nice and cool

this really tells me about friendship


i liked this animation so much blue and red rabbits are so cool i like the blue one best


This was a really good one. It had a nice idea and good music. You seem to be able to pick just the right music for your videos.

that was relly awsome

that video show how i feel u got keep gona no matter how bad life gets