Reviews for "Another Day Eight"

Better and Better!

I have a new favorite series! These pieces are wonderful, so light and peaceful. They are a great break from the loud and sometimes violent flashes one can find here.

In addition, the music is a great choice. It really helps to bring the story to life.

Great Episode!

I simply love this series and its simplistic yet powerful morale stories. Keep up the good work!

just wow

just wow it was awesome!

note for scrouch
br=bule rabbit
rr=red rabbit

Beautiful as always

I'm so glad I've sat and took time to watch all of these now, everyone was brilliant and no I hadn't worked out the BR/RR representations either! Makes perfect sense though...


I have realized what BR and RR represent. Blue Rabbit represents the fun loving, childish, live for the moment part of the mind. Red Rabbit is a more serious, practical, mature, and calm mind. It took me all 8 episodes to realize that.

Each Episode tells us a story, and each is very practical and full of experience. Wonderful series you have, I hope to see a lot more similar to this.