Reviews for "Another Day Eight"


Wow two years since the last another day.
I love the way you make all the insects and little creatures move so smoothly, when I try to animate stuff like that it looks really wobbly and hard to see what part is moving,do you use the paint tool and a drawing tablet?
Anyway best one so far, I think I liked another day 7 more still just for the music and story, but the animation keeps getting better, amazing to see how far its come since another day one.


Beautifully done. Welcome back, Adam! Glad to see you're still at it.


I really like these animations. It something thats for the family and is actually funny and has good animation. Keep up the good work.

Peaceful. Very peaceful.

Very relaxing to watch this. I remember you showing me a preview of the animation many months ago before you added the line wobbles.. It's brilliant.

Also, looking at Quimera's review.. You better be at Comic-Con this year buddy. I want to hang out with you again lmao.


i found it funny how in the first decline movie there is a poster AD6 heh i bet you never thought you were going to make this many.