Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Great game and great show!

Had a MYST type atmosphere with the moving and photorealistic graphics, and I love playing MYST and it's sequels! I'm giving an eight because there is no keys and things of that nature but that would be ALOT harder to do. Overall nice though with a exiting ending.


cool stuff. well done. the additions to Lost lore you made up were kind of cool. fairly simple, but worked for what it was.


was i supposed to get shot?
cuz that kinda pissed me off.


I liked the atmosphere, the use of real photos was good and the music choice was fantastic. It had a nice long build-up towards the end, which made me jump! Please make a sequel yes!

He shot me!

Altho i'm not a big lost fan, i still liked this game. Now i have to wait till the next one to find out why somebody popped a cap in me lol...