Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Holy Shit Dude

Man that ending near fucking killed me. But i dont get it, I didn't see that much, i read the journal about the rebirthing and the one in the hallway and then i walked outside and BAM! I'm not sure if i missed anything, but what i saw was awesome. Great job!


that was a shock.... ahh.... didnt expect that dont worry people its nuthin wrong just didnt expect it

Really good!

The ending sared me, I knew once I was back outside, that something was going to happen.

Can't wait for the alt. ending :)

PS. Maybe you should make a whole island game?

you have scared the shit outta me.

that's not easy to do. that sniper... god. now i'm not gonna get any sleep.

I hate you, oh so very hate you

I was all contently sittin thar clickin arrows, then BLAM BLAM *cries* I think I peed mah pants....this wee flash makes me want to actually watch the episodes :p

danomano65 responds:

Good! That makes me happy that u want to watch LOST because of this.