Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


really really good the story line was well writen and the graphics were good the only beef i have is that when you die you start all over again
overall REALLY good

heheheh, rather shocking?

looked like a game simillar to room escapes ect, turned out to be an exploring one and HEY PRESTO!! I GOT SHOT AS AN ENDING!! :P


The ending made me shit myself, i got shoot by the guy in the watch tower.
Nice graphics and music made it just that much scarier, although i dont really get the point of the game....

creepy disturbing and suprisingly good

i like the creepy and suspening music played throughout the game its a great idea but wouldnt call it a gamebut more of a interactive movie


As a fan of LOST, this game is awesome. I felt like I was on the island trying to piece a mystery together. Only reason I couldn't give you a 10 is b/c it ended too soon.

danomano65 responds:

well, that's mostly due to file size. i'll have a sequel, or rather, a continuation near the end of the week.