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Reviews for "Balloon Invasion"

A perfect 9

The game is really well made and thought out, it shows as you the player are facing basically the same enemies, on the same battlefield doing the same stuff over and over (thus the 9 not 10).

However the execution is so perfect you forget you're doing the same stuff over and over and its not very hardcore either - don't like your build? reset and try another!

Everyone should check it out.

pretty good

I good defense game that uses typical turret designs.

Great, Unique Game

While it's typical in the fact that it uses a turret and you blast the bajezuz out of everything you can, it's style and feel is unique. Love it!


To find a hidden level: Read back.

gniknar rats 5 : 5 level

Great and awesome game

This is a great game but i would like to the waves come in a hole lot faster. So ill this game a 9.