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Reviews for "Balloon Invasion"

Nice and entertaining

Nice and entertaining, What i liked whit this game was the graphics and effects (shoots and explosions) Good quality, And good sound effects also you coud re spend your Commander points .
And like WLbjork said "Interesting WW1/WW2 hybrid."
What i diden't like whit the game, Ground turrets diden't do very much (no point whit em). and some of those big silver/gray ships where inpossible to kill even if i attacked whit all i had =X.
Some background musik woud have ben nice to.
Tips for players, use the Support fire.
(To use ground turrets/buildings you need to spend commander points at upgrades At the map menu)

good but one BIG flawl........

i couldnt make buildings!no matter what i did i couldnt make buildings and the flak shots were too slow, but awesome game

Great Game.

Interesting WW1/WW2 hybrid.

A few reponses to those below me:

jackblack751 - the fully upgraded cannon pretty much is a machinegun, just with a blast radius :D

adrenaguy - the upgrades do have an effect. one point of armour for example made the difference between my base being wiped out by one bombardment from a Boss Zeppelin and not and a fully upgraded cannon dramatically outshoots a stock cannon.


needs a machinegun and faster balloons

meh at best

i'm sorry but the upgrades just don't do enough! the cannons etc are great but they fail at 1) firing fast enough, quad missile launchers don't take THAT long to reload) 2) staying alive, ooh look at me i can buy a armor upgrade but it's completely fudging useless! 3) what the fudge where those tesla coils? guaranteed hit, yeah but they're expensive and do awful damage, it took three to take down a medium airship! THREE. that is NOT powerful enough. and make the main cannon upgrades a bit more useful, i saw little difference in damage, firing speed etc when use.